Featured Volunteer of the Week for November 13 - November 19

Michael Montgomery
Rockbridge, Western Virginia Friends of NRA
8 years of service

Individual Activities:
- Sold 60 event tickets and bringing in $2,400
- Raised $10,000 in pre and post-event raffles
- Acquired donations and arranged for item underwriting valued over $3,000

“Mike initiates the fundraising for his committee in the form of raffles. He is always inventing cool, fun ways to make fast money for the Friends program; including hosting raffles that require only 25 or 50 tickets to be sold, but that always bring in a profit at least double the value of the raffle items. To help sell tickets Mike attends ten to twelve guns shows a year, plus he sets up booths at local street fairs and festivals to raise awareness as well as funds.

Mike attends and supports many other Friends of NRA events in Virginia and West Virginia because he believes in the program. If you were to walk into Mike’s business there would be no doubt that he is a Friends of NRA supporter. He promotes the Friends program with poster and flyers, and by having some of the event prizes on display. At his event, Mike can often be found manning the raffle table, it just seems to be his natural place.

Mike does not stop working, I would estimate the he spend over 300 hours a year planning, promoting, and selling tickets for the event. He is intent on bringing the Rockbridge event total high enough to qualify for high caliber status alongside other outstanding committees across the nation. Mike’s never give up attitude and drive is inspirational for everyone who knows him. If I had a Mike Montgomery on every committee my job would be easy.”

-- Jim Kilgore, NRA Field Representative

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