Featured Volunteer of the Week for November 6 - November 12

Matthew Bergstrom
National Capital, Eastern Virginia Friends of NRA
2 years of service

Individual Activities:
- Sold 175 event tickets and bringing in $15,0000
-Sold 8 sponsorships totaling $14,000
- Raised $35,000 in pre and post-event raffles
- Acquired 25 donations valued over $13,000

“Matthew has always been a supporter of the NRA & Friends program, regularly attending banquets throughout his area. Matthew is a very well known, respected leader in the Northern Virginia area; he is very well thought of by other volunteers and is the kind of leader that people naturally gravitate towards. Matthew worked on preparations for this event none stop for five months. He worked on marketing efforts, solicited high quality donations, worked The Nations Gun Show, and invited several VIPs to the event.

Matthew and his law firm work day in and day out with Second Amendment Industry, and this passion and dedication has placed him in the “Who’s Who” of firearm enthusiast and supports in the Northern Virginia & D.C. Beltway Region. Matthew will do anything he can to ensure that the tradition of the Second Amendment gets passed down to future generations.

Matthew is very deserving on this recognition: I and many others are so proud to have a Friends of NRA event that we can call the National Capital event. We had talked about staring this for a couple years before it took off, and this event was special not only to the VA/DC region, but as a shining star for the entire Nation! Not only was having an event in this area a significant first, it was the most financially successful NEW event that I have the privilege of being a part of. This event was a “premier” event on many levels, and Matthew’s hard work and dedication made that possible.”

-- David Wells, NRA Field Representative

    The 2016 Volunteers of the Year are sponsored by Ripcord Travel Protection