Featured Volunteer of the Week for October 9 - October 15

Dan Porter
Kanabec Area, Minnesota Friends of NRA
7 years of service

Individual Activities:
- Sold 311 event tickets bringing $50,256
- Raised $3,500 in pre and post-event raffles
- Arranged underwriting for 18 items worth $6,077
- Acquired 25 donations valued over $7,400

“Dan Porter is one of the volunteers in Minnesota who lives and loves all aspects of the Friends program. He calls constantly and always wants to know how we are doing and what he can do to help. He helps several other committees when they are in need of assistants. He also reaches out to all committees in Minnesota encouraging them to try new ideas to help them improve. His competitiveness helps others strive for more; and he is well respected by all who know him. He has even aided me with getting other committees going, and has talked several of his peers into starting new committees in other areas of Minnesota.

Dan spends countless hours teaching 4H, gun safety, and working at the gun club, and has done so for as long as I can remember. He is always looking to further kid’s involvement in all aspects of the shooting sports, and encourages others to do so as well. Dan has been at all state workshops I have hosted and is an active member of the grant team. He is a true leader throughout the state, and is able to share his passion with everyone he meets. Dan is the NRA and is “all in” on the Friends of NRA program.”

-- Eric Linder, NRA Field Representative

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