Featured Volunteer of the Week for July 10 - July 16

Katie Jones
Douglas County, Oregon Friends of NRA
8 years of service

Individual Activities:

  • Sold 250 banquets tickets bringing in $16,250
  • Sold 18 sponsorships totaling $7,750
  • Raised $4,000 in pre and post-event raffles
  • Acquired 30donations valued over $40,000
  • Arranged underwriting for 20 items equaling $9,855
  • “Katie seems to be involved with almost all Friends of NRA activities in Oregon. Besides all the time she spends on her event, Katie has been on the Oregon State Fund Committee for seven years and takes an active role in the grant process. She was on the ground floor when we put together the nationally recognized State Scholarship program and continues to serve as one of the delegates that reviews and judges the applicants. In Douglas County she has made sure all schools are a part of the program to help graduating seniors as they continue their schooling. She attends and supports the Oregon State event every year, and has attended every Western Region workshop we have had.

    Katie is an extremely hard worker both in her personal life and with Friends of NRA. The Douglas County event has always been, one of top events not only in Oregon but all of Area 34. A big part of that has been Katie’s leadership that continues to take their event to new heights. Katie is always running new ideas by me that may enhance not only her event but events around the state. She is constantly trying to come up with new things to bring in more money for the program. She is a cheerleader for my other events in Oregon and is always checking to see how they are doing.

    Katie singlehandedly started the first Oregon State Y.E.S. program in Oregon three years ago and continues to volunteer as Oregon States Y.E.S. coordinator. She spends countless hours on this program making sure it is successful and goes above and beyond to secure additional sponsors for the event. The event is three days and is held at the State Capitol. The coordination and planning of this is immense - rounding up legislators as judges for the essay’s the students present to putting together all the rest of their activities.

    Katie amazes me on a regular basis. Her passion for Friends of NRA is contagious. She constantly looks for ways to grow and improve. Her dedication, attitude and drive is an example not only to the volunteers in my area but nationwide as well. My respect for Katie continues to grow every year. She is one of a kind and truly my number one volunteer, and it is truly an honor to work with her. ”

    -- Mike Carey, NRA Field Representative

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