Featured Volunteer of the Week for June 12 - June 18

Laura Watson
First Coast, Northern Florida Friends of NRA
3 years of service

Individual Activities:

  • -Sold over 100 banquets tickets bringing in $10,000
  • -Raised $3,000 in pre and post-event raffles
  • -Acquired multiple donations valued over $2,200
  • “Laura is always out visiting people, attending gun shows, outdoor shows, and other community functions to promote Friends of NRA. She spends hours making calls to past attendees and inviting them to the next event. Laura runs her event like a business; she is always watching costs, but is careful to not sacrifice the quality of the event. Committee meetings are well organized, and she delegates tasks to each member to help spread the work load and make sure that everything is accomplished with high quality. When she asks her committee to perform tasks, they do so without question because they trust in her leadership. Since Laura became chairman of the First Coast committee, they have seen extensive growth for three straight years. Laura takes the job as chairman every seriously; she works on this event year round, always looking for new committee members, sponsors, and event donors. I would estimate that she spends 500 hours a year preparing for and hosting this event.

    At state workshops Laura is very active with idea sharing, and she has even created a North Florida file sharing system, so that committees can share flyers, raffle ideas, and more to help make all the events as successful as possible. Laura’s number one goal is to raise as much money as possible for the NRA Foundation. This year she event helped start a new committee in order to raise more money for deserving grant recipients. On many occasions, Laura has helped local groups with grant applications to make sure that the paperwork is filled in correctly and with all the needed information. It is a pleasure having Laura as the First Coast Chairman, and I look forward to continuing working with her in the future.”

    -- Bret Eldridge, NRA Field Representative

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