Featured Volunteer of the Week for April 17 - April 23

Ray Hollingsworth

North East Texas, Texas Friends of NRA
2 years of service

Individual Activities:

  • - Sold 164 banquet tickets bringing in $5,740
  • - Sold 9 sponsorships totaling $10,373
  • - Arranged underwriting for 16 items equaling $6,290
  • - Acquired 31 donations valued over $6,300

  • "Ray is a very active leader of the North East Texas committee. He organizes the committee meeting, and follows a set agenda; he likes to stick to the issues and work towards making their event as successful as possible. Ray is not afraid to think outside the box while working with in the specs of the program. He stays in touch with me on a regular basis to ensure that he and his committee are staying on track with the program.

    Ray us a business owner in Winnsboro and a respected member of the community. This respect attracts the right people to this event and has made it a success the past two years. He promotes and supports the future of the shooting whenever he can, and takes the time to each out to all areas of his community. Ray is also very active with the grant process and encourages local shooting sports groups to apply. He also volunteers as an NRA Certified Range Officer by working with several local shooting groups.

    -- Terry Free, NRA Field Representative


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