Featured Volunteer of the Week for April 2 - April 8

Brian Allem
Crockett, Tennessee Friends of NRA
Committee Chairman
5 years of service

Individual Activities:
    - Sold 600 banquet tickets bringing in $31,000
    - Raised $8,000 in pre and post-event raffles
    - Arranged underwriting for 4 items totaling $600
    - 3 total sponsorships equaling $2,500

    "Brian absolutely understands and believes in the mission of the Friends of NRA. He shows a strong passion in his leadership by constantly encouraging the committee volunteers to work their new fundraising ideas and coming up with new innovative ideas & programs to increase their growth & net revenue dollars. At the monthly committee meetings Brian has a pot luck dinner building the close committee team relationship. The event’s FFL owners of Top Gun Arms this year lost everything they personally owned in a house (total loss). Brian contacted his NRA representative asking if the committee could have a 5 Yeti Cooler Contest to help this family as long as the committee maintained their 50% net-to-gross. They did the contest helping the family as well as benefiting the Friends of NRA. On top of his good heart he takes more of his own time to organize concerts to raise thousands more a year and get the local businesses involved through sponsorships of local fair booths.

    Brian was also very instrumental in getting the Lawrence County Sheriff Department to write a grant for an Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Costume and have the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program started in the county. Brian and his wife Diane, along with several volunteers from the Crockett Committee through his encouragement has attended, helped, and worked the Shiloh, Williamson County, Meriwether Lewis, and Southern Middle Tennessee Events. Brian is not just a volunteer, he is a key piece to the puzzle that is the NRA. "

    - Mike Webb, NRA Field Representative

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