Featured Volunteer of the Week for February 5 - February 11

Bennie & Mary Thomas M.D.
Eastern Virginia Friends of NRA
5 years of service

Individual Activities:
    - Sold 30 banquet tickets bringing in $15,000
    - Arranged underwriting items totaling $10,000
    - Total amount in dollars $30,000 for 2017

    "Both Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, are highly respected business people, and are extremely well known in the Second Amendment community. They love NRA and have been ambassadors for the organization for many years. The Thomas’s have hosted two “Defend American” events at their own property, they participate and help promote two Friends events, and have consistently for the last 6 years.

    They have never held an official officer position on a committee yet they are both considered ‘honorary’ committee members on three different committees. They are extremely generous and have been “Event Elite sponsor” at one of the events for the last 5 years. Also purchasing upper level tables for multiple Friends of NRA events each year. They are conservatively estimated to have contributed $30,000 a year to the program through all their endeavors. Yet it doesn’t just stop at their tremendous finical contributions. They also help promote these events, and with their huge level of influence help encourage other donors to donate and spend.

    They both are always asking what they can do to help, hosting special events outside of the normal banquet program, sponsoring the venue and the food each time. As mentioned, they love NRA, and the Friends of NRA program. They promote our grant program and our mission statement year round. They have helped me a lot with networking and building for the friends program in Virginia. I cannot think of a couple or individual that is any more qualified to represent our state as Volunteer (s) of the year!"

    - David Wells, NRA Field Representative

    The 2017 Volunteers of the Year are sponsored by Ripcord Travel Protection