Featured Volunteer of the Week for January 8 - January 14

Michigan Friends of NRA
Grand Valley Committee | Chairman | 12 years of service

Individual Activities:
  • - Sold 60 banquet tickets bringing in $14,400
  • - Raised $8,000 in pre and post-event raffles
  • - Arranged underwriting for 4 items totaling $600
  • - 3 total sponsorships equaling $2,500
“Sandy exemplifies what a true volunteer leader should be. First, she believes in what the Friends program does for all the kids’ and women’s programs both in our state and across the U.S. She knows that providing funds or materials to shooting sports programs will mean the continuation of our freedoms and the Second Amendment. Secondly, she always has a smile on her face, and all her teammates look up to her for inspiration and guidance. She has many great ideas, always asks her fellow team members for their thoughts on a new idea and is willing to listen. She is energetic and full of laughter, always busy looking for ways to make the event guests happy. Thirdly, she has the “ask” down pat. She is not afraid to ask any business to donate goods or services or to ask anyone-including the Field Rep!-for donation dollars to help her event profit even more! She has many good contacts and is always seeking out more in her daily travels, and she has created a list of past and future donors that she always updates to seek out more donations.

Lastly, Sandy has taken a team that made less than $5,000 net five years ago to the number two spot in Michigan in 2017 with more than $38,000 net! This is all due to hard work and pride by her great team, a belief in the cause, never losing sight of their goals and just great teamwork and perseverance. Sandy Mucci is an outstanding volunteer and team leader and a huge asset to the Friends of NRA program and The NRA Foundation. That is why I have chosen her to be Michigan’s 2017 Volunteer of the Year.”

- Al Herman, NRA Field Representative

The 2017 Volunteers of the Year are sponsored by Ripcord Travel Protection