The "Trailblazer," the second sculpture in our historical series tracing American firearms ownership. Designed to capture the essence of the American spirit, renowned figural sculptor Rick Terry has in every way portrayed the demeanor of the freedom seeking early American countryman in his latest work, "Trailblazer."

"Trailblazer" represents the era of Lewis and Clark, when trappers and explorers first discovered the untapped beauty of the west. "Trailblazer" portrays an early American explorer roaming the country with his trusty firearm to protect himself from the unknown dangers of the west.

A unique foundry process, combining cold cast methods with pewter components and a hand-applied patina brings life-giving touches to this sculpture. A rich, warm wood base is then added to give perfect balance in composition. Finally, a serialized brass tag marks the collective value, artist's name and edition number. The profound sense of realism and great attention to detail make this sculpture truly magnificent.

Other exciting sculptures will follow as the Friends of NRA Sponsor program traces the role firearm ownership has played in shaping America.