The first sculpture in a new, exclusive NRA Big Game Sponsor Series for Friends of NRA. The talented designers at Big Sky Carvers have captured the majesty and intensity of the Cape buffalo - which is inspired by the award winning wildlife artist, Eddie LeRoy’s Friends of NRA 2009 Print of the Year: “Bad Boys.” Set in the Savannas of Africa, the Cape buffalo displays the stern determination to protect the herd - and symbolically represents our collective determination to protect second amendment rights.

These animals have been known to reach 7 ft in length, weigh more than 1,500 lb, and reach a height of 5 ft at the shoulder. The Cape buffalo have very few predators, and the bull’s have the ability to protect themselves and their young by gathering up their cow’s and calves in a circle for protection while they form a protective outer layer . Known as one of the “Big Five” or “Black Death” in Africa, the African Buffalo is widely regarded as a very dangerous animal and usually lives in large herds of up to a thousand animals. This highly sought after trophy has been hunted by many including the first presidential conservationist Theodore Roosevelt, and William (Buffalo Bill) Cody.

Each sculpture is meticulously cast in fine resins with a bronze patina hand applied, standing at approximately 9 ½ inches long and 7 ½ inches tall, the finished sculpture rests on a 1 ½ inch black faux marble base that is engraved with gold lettering and finished off with a National Rifle Association medallion. The spirit of Friends of NRA lives on through this sculpture with the generous help from the friends and supporters of the NRA.